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Customs & Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Audit Standard

C-TPAT membership can reduce inspections by customs, expedite clearance of goods and reduce delays.

QCINASIA C-TPAT Audit plan can help clients, suppliers, manufacturers, freight forwarders and other organizations to assess the security processes, detect weaknesses and establish improvement plans, this is essential for compliance with C-TPAT.

C-TPAT covers the security concerns in:
- Employees (employees hiring, termination)
- Physical Facility (barriers, gates, lightings, alarms and locks)
- In-out (employees, visitors and vehicles)
- Information Access (computers access, password protection, computers safeguarding…)
- Containers control (shipping dock, container physical condition, seal and key)
- Procedures (documented and instructions are clearly indicated)
- Security awareness training

Audit Standard

Inspection Standard

Testing Requirement


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